Mood Disorders

Are you struggling with anxiety or depression despite medication or therapy? Are side effects making medication problematic? Anxiety and depression are painful, life-limiting emotional states. It doesn’t have to be this way. Neurofeedback can help.

Neurofeedback is the most effective, non invasive and drug free way of dealing with anxiety and depression available today. Unlike medications which can have side effects and wear off after a certain period of time, Neurofeedback teaches the brain to shift out of painful emotional states into new healthier patterns. With training, new patterns displace old and you are left pain free, relaxed, focused and motivated to take on the world around you.

Once thought to be an issue of character, we now know that mood disorders are rooted in neurophysiological processes in the brain. Neurofeedback researchers identify these disorders by examining the activity of the brain.

In the active brain, groups of brain cells fire together producing small electrical bursts. These electrical bursts can be read like radio waves across a frequency band from low and slow to fast and high. When the brain is resting, meditating or are otherwise under activated (as is the case with depression) we see slow electrical activity (in the delta and theta range). When the brain is active, such as when problem solving, the brain fires quickly in the beta range. This is healthy and normal; however, when the brain fires at inappropriately too fast or too slow problems with mood can arise. When speeds are too fast, anxiety can be the result. Obsessive behavior and compulsive thoughts may also occur. When speeds are too slow, depression, low motivation, and fatigue can result.

When your neurofeedback practitioner assesses your brain, she is looking for inappropriate patterns of activation associated with these emotional states. With this information, your practitioner is able to assist you in training your brain to move from firing speeds that are dysfunctional to healthier balanced brain wave speeds.

Neurofeedback is pain free and nothing is placed into your body that can wear off or cause unwanted side effects. If you are suffering with a mood disorder, neurofeedback can help. Call us for a free consultation.