Peak Performance

Peak Performance Training is used by individuals who are already highly functioning in their area of expertise. These individuals may be athletes, performing artists or professional businessmen and women. What these individuals share is a desire to excel, to reach beyond their current level of performance to new levels of mastery and consistency of performance. Peak Performance Training seeks to give these individuals that extra mental edge that helps them reach these goals.

Every great athlete knows that a large part of winning the game is the mind. Performance artists and athletes have dedicated themselves to the rigorous physical training needed to perform at their best. Still, there may be barriers within the mind that impede performance.

Neurofeedback addresses these barriers by:

  • Improving focus and attention;
  • Increasing ability to maintain centered calm;
  • Decreasing tension or anxiety;
  • Developing and maintaining a positive attitude.
  • Increasing the ability to manage negative emotions that stifle performance;
  • Improving the ability to manage attention and emotion during times of rapid change and external pressure.

Neurofeedback has been used in many areas of sports and the performing arts. Some of these include international soccer, professional  golf, professional baseball, and Olympic skiers and ice skaters as well as professional dance, music and voice.

When peak physical ability is paired with mental preparedness, you can reach the state of flow in which exceptional performance happens. If you are reaching for the next level of excellence, call us today.