Neurofeedback is a therapy that allows a person to gain control over brain activity with the objective of reducing or eliminating negative symptoms. Within the brain, groups of cells are constantly firing, allowing us to accomplish our daily activities: thinking, feeling, remembering, planning, organizing, relaxing, or sleeping. When firing patterns fall out of a healthy rhythm, a wide range of negative symptoms can emerge.

Neurofeedback trains brain speeds by providing information to you about the status of your brain. With this information you are able to move your firing speeds into a healthy range. As you regulate your brainwave patterns, negative symptoms begin to lessen, working towards clear and lasting gains in decreasing or eliminating your symptoms.

Neurofeedback has been found to be a successful intervention in reducing symptoms of ADD, migraines, memory impairment, mood disorders, and brain injury. Also, it has been applied successfully in meeting educational goals such as resolving reading and math disabilities.